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Oregon Salmon May 2017

Oregon Salmon From The Willamette

Oregon Salmon May 2017

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Untitled attachment 000754-29-17. Oregon Salmon, ling cod, halibut, Sea bass, kokanee fishing creates abundant opportunities for anglers.  Spring Salmon on the Willamette and Columbia has been tough so far.  As usual just as catching started to pick up the season on the Columbia closed.  The Willamette has been shut down to fishing only Thursday -Saturday.   Normally by May there have been thousands of Oregon Salmon over the falls and dams.  The Columbia and Willamette Rivers tributaries started filling the upper tributaries Spring Chinook.  This year though the record setting rains have created a situation where the Willamette and Columbia are so swollen the salmon are holding lower longer not wanting to fight the current.  Those that do make it to the base of the dams can’t find the fish ladders because of the massive flows obscure the entrance.  Creating great opportunities for anglers to catch Spring Salmon trolling herring with BYO Flasher and Mack’s dodgers in the Portland Harbor.  The season has been restricted to only 3 days a week and only 1 fish per person, and may Close all together if numbers don’t improve.

On the Bright side the coastal Spring Salmon are doing well and the the best Days to fish are June 4-8 and 19-24.  One the coastal rivers you can catch 2 per person



Another Spring fishing opportunity is bottom fishing for Ling Cod and Sea bass.  I started this a couple years ago when Spring Salmon was horrible.  As a way to always get delicious fish for my clients to take home.   It has become a favorite of some booking a few trips a year.  The limit is 2 ling cod, 7 sea bass and sometimes crabs are included.   Also opening this month is Halibut fishing.  That season starts May 11th.   I only have dates in June open for Halibut if you’re interested give me a call.




I’m really excited about the summer opportunities for Kokanee. Green Peter Kokanee Green Peter Reservoir (8 miles east of Sweet home) has been a favorite of mine for decades.  My preferred technique is to trolling.  Using Smile blades, Hoochies, and wiggle hoochies  behind a Mack’s Double D or Sling blade dodger.  I stopped running those trips in 2015 when the kokanee became over populated and stunted.  This year I have ran a couple of scouting trips.  I’m happy to say the fish are normal sized.  I will start running those trips as an option in June.   The limit of kokanee there is 25 per person and these are some of the best eating fish you will ever have.

As you can see Oregon Salmon, ling cod, halibut, sea bass, kokanee fishing creates many opportunities for people of all ages to enjoy Oregon’s waters.

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