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We bring you on fishing trips that you are sure to brag about to your friends and family. You may even go back home with a new fish to get mounted!

Our customers rave about us AGAIN and AGAIN


Micheal Burk

I have went out with Damon two times over the past few years, He is the hardest working guide I have ever fished with. Will be calling him again when I get the chance.


Naithan Weeks

Nomad's Fishing Adventures provided an amazing fishing experience. Thanks to Damon's expertise and a some cooperation from the fish, i was able to catch my first salmon. It was definitely a thrill and an experience everyone should have; i plan on fishing with Nomad's Fishing Adventures again in the future.


Joe Kirk

Y'all get a chance to fish with Damon.....DO IT.....AWESOME product he offers and a little different way to fish them as well.....And very productive......smaller more personal boat leads to more conversation between the captain and the fishermen/fisherwomen.

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